Thai Peanut Slaw

One thing I love about Thai food is their use of peanuts and coconuts. It’s not something you find in more traditional American foods. I was first inspired by this recipe when I stumbled across…Continue Reading


Summer Tortellini Salad

When it’s 100° outside, and the last thing I want to do it generate more heat in my home. This salad is fresh, easy to make and has amazing flavor. Not to mention you can…Continue Reading

Easy Peasy Pie Crust

Let’s talk pie crust… It’s not hard people but you do need to pay attention to the instructions to get a nice flaky crust. No dense or mushy pies!! Yick! Also, baking is not CLEAN! …Continue Reading


Simply Classic Pasta

Growing up my mom used to take me to our local family Italian restaurant. You know the ones… Red vinyl seats, black and white checkered tablecloths, and no pretentious dishes on the menu. Petrini’s is…Continue Reading


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! Don’t worry… this is a cozy place filled with love, food, wine, and quality of life that everyone should have (within a reasonable budget)! My…Continue Reading